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 Sichuan Prius Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research, development, production, sales and service of medical polymer materials and biological materials. The company is located in Yibin, Sichuan, the first city along the Changjiang River. Factory cover an area 8,7000 m2 . Have 3 workshops, Totally 90000 m2.

At present, the company has 53 patents,29 production lines,26 products registerations, and has won the titles of "National High tech Enterprise", "Sichuan Famous Brand Product", "Top Ten Innovative Enterprises", etc.


At present, main products include: I.V Catheter, automatic liquid stop infusion set, liquid stop precision filter infusion set, liquid stop bag infusion set, precision filter infusion set, precision filter bag infusion set, bag infusion set, infusion set, low resistance syringe, removable safety therapeutic tray, I.V syringe and dispensing device, face mask, surgical mask, medical protective mask, medical protective clothing, surgical gown,European standard FFP2 respirator and other products.

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Sichuan Prius Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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