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The Overview of the Development Process

In September 2010, The president named Lei Bing, Built the factory called SiChuan Prius Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. The factory Specializing in research and development, production, sales and service of medical polymer and biomaterial products.It mainly produces Intravenous Catheter, infusion sets, syringes, medical mask, protective clothing etc. In 2014, SiChuan Prius completed the workshop construction and obtained the production license. At the same time, Successfully passed the TUV quality management system certification in Germany, and got  ISO13485 and ISO9001 certificates. Obtained nearly 10 kinds of  product registration certificates for indwelling needles, infusion sets, syringes and dispensing devices in 2014.


Technology R&D

Since SiChuan Prius inception, has been developing with the integration of production, Study, research, technology, industry and trade and independent innovation.At present, Sichuan Prius established cooperative relations with CAE Member, Sichuan University, Provincial Testing Institute, etc.The company's technology development path has gone through three stages of "introduction - transformation - innovation", and the technical team has carried out long-term and continuous research and development of new products and technologies.At present, there are 26 categories of developed and registered products and 52 patents (including 4 invention patents, 44 utility model patents and 4 appearance patents). It is particularly worth mentioning that the company independently developed the world's first "disposable precision filtering light-proof bag infusion set (with needle)" product, which has passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements in Sichuan Province in 2021. The evaluation conclusion is :This technology is at the leading level in China. Compared with the ordinary light-proof infusion set in the current market (within the range of 290-450nm), its light-proof band range is much wider (250nm-520nm), and its light-proof performance can completely meet all the conditions of use of light-proof infusion drugs in the current market. According to the requirements of high quality, high standard and high efficiency of production technology, the wide-band light-proof infusion set produced by Prius has became the industry benchmark in the market. It is an international innovative product and will be one of the most competitive products of Prius in the future. In addition, there are low-resistance dispensing devices, anti-acupuncture indwelling needles, positive-pressure indwelling needles and automatic liquid-stopping infusion devices, which have become the representative products of the core technology of Prius and also the core guarantee for the company's long-term development. Now, the company's technical team is strong and has complete technical research and development capabilities. At present, it is developing implantable infusion devices - infusion port, central venous catheter via peripheral vein, medium and long catheter/mid-line catheter and other products. The company's technology research and development center has also successively been rated as "municipal technology center" and "provincial technology center".

Next, SiChuan Prius R&D center will continue to carry out the research and development of medical devices and scientific research products with the purpose of "innovation is endless, practice is true knowledge", so as to make greater contributions and strength in the field of medical health.

Production and sales

According the past 12 years, the area of SiChuan Prius increased to be double, The current area has reached 130 mu, more than 500 employees; The production capacity is also rising steadily, more than 400 sets of equipment added, and 90% of the production processes are automated and mechanized. There are nearly 2000 registered customers, and the sales revenue has increased to 170 million yuan from 2015 to 2020, creating a significant achievement of sales of more than 100 million yuan in the domestic medical device industry in five years. The company's products such as indwelling needles, infusion sets, syringes, medical masks and other products under the brands of "SMOOTH SAILING", "GUOJI" and "SHUZHU" have been successfully sold on the public Internet in all provinces of the country. The coverage rate in Sichuan Province has reached 45%, and the domestic market share is steadily rising. In 2020, the company also established a new International Trade Department, which achieved export trade revenue of 42 million in the same year, and successfully achieved the magnificent transformation of "two legs" of domestic sales and foreign trade. Taking the domestic big cycle as the main body, by giving full play to the potential of domestic demand, making better connection between the domestic market and the international market, and using the two markets and resources at home and abroad, gradually forming a new development pattern with the domestic big cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promoting each other, and achieving a more robust and sustainable development of the company.

Corporate image

While the company realizes economic development, it does not forget to make contributions to the society. In 2020, the COVID-19 swept through China. The company took the initiative to bear the burden of production of epidemic prevention materials, and invested a lot of manpower and financial resources to urgently establish 10 production lines for medical mask; At the same time, we donated 1.2 million yuan to the "China Heart Warming Project Foundation"; It has contributed its own strength to the fight against epidemic in Sichuan Province and even the whole country; Therefore, it was awarded the title of "Advanced Collective of Sichuan Province in Fighting against COVID-19" by the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and the Sichuan Provincial Government, and the newly established Party branch was also rated as "Advanced Grass roots Party Organization of Sichuan Province" by the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee. At present, SiChuan Priuss medical mask, protective clothing, infusion sets, syringes and other products have obtained the registration certificate and the "FFP2" certificate issued by the European notified body(BSI)  and the on-site audit of the "CE" certification of our medical sterile mask by the European notified body, and have entered the white list of the "China Chamber of Commerce for the Import and Export of Medical and Health Products" and successfully completed the registration and passed the export white list.

From the beginning of its establishment to the present, Prius has also won many other honors: in 2015, 2018 and 2021, it has successively obtained the certificate of "National High-tech Enterprise"; The company's products won the honor of "Sichuan Famous Brand" in 2017 and were listed in the "List of Famous, Special and New Products of Sichuan Province"; In 2020, Prius officially became the governing unit of "Medical Polymer Products Branch of China Medical Device Industry Association"; In addition, it has also been awarded the honors of "Sichuan Honest Private Enterprise", "Yibin Excellent Innovation and Growth Private Enterprise", "Yibin Excellent Development Enterprise", "Top Ten Innovative Enterprises", "2018-2019 Excellent Enterprise", "AAA Credit Company", "High Quality Integrity Demonstration Company", "Tiejun Team", etc. In 2020, through the cooperation with the program group of "Rise of China" of CCTV, the overall image of Prius has reached a higher level. Through the construction of corporate image in recent years, the Pres brand has ranked among the top in Sichuan Province and has a certain influence in the domestic medical device industry.

Internal control management

After years of development, the company has developed and formed a 12-words management policy of "rapid response, accurate improvement, daily and monthly settlement", and the internal management should be refined, data-based, information-based, and coordinated. When face problems, we are required to be free from time and location, to give feedback quickly, accurately locate the problem, clarify the subject of responsibility, seek solutions with a high sense of work responsibility, do everything perfectly, summarize and reflect, and strive for excellence. In order to resolutely win the sniper war of epidemic prevention and control, effectively improve the production capacity of epidemic prevention and control materials, and ensure the production and supply of epidemic prevention and control materials. The raw and auxiliary materials used by Prius products to reach the domestic leading level in the same industry are purchased from the best manufacturers. Each company should implement the measures of rewards and punishment for the assigned task indicators, so as to reward the advanced and encourage the backward, and ensure the long-term stable development of the company. And ensure the implementation of various management policies and objectives by establishing and improving relevant internal control management systems and strictly following the implementation; Ensure the authenticity and reliability of relevant data and information and prevent business risks; Ensure the safety and integrity of assets and make effective use of them; Only by controlling costs, promoting improvement and ensuring the maximization of profits can the company develop continuously, stably and healthily. In order to resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control sniper war, the company can effectively improve the production capacity of epidemic prevention and control materials and ensure the production and supply of epidemic prevention and control materials. The raw and auxiliary materials used in the company's products are purchased from the best manufacturers in the industry that have reached the leading level in China

Future development

In 2020, Sichuan Medical Health Emergency Industrial Base was settled in Nanxi Economic Development Zone, and the company's development also ushered in new opportunities. At present, 56000 O intelligent manufacturing workshop and 10000 O R&D, training and exhibition center and other supporting facilities are under construction, and 16 production lines for Class III medical devices and 13 production lines for Class II medical devices will be added. After the completion of the project, the company will realize the production automation and management digitalization, establish the production database (blockchain), improve the production efficiency and product quality, automatically record the data in the production process, ensure the stability of product quality, and also realize the visualization of the production process, which is a major innovation in the field of domestic medical devices; The company will simultaneously achieve an annual output value of 500 million to 2 billion yuan and strive to achieve the development direction of the top 10 short-term goals, the top 8 medium-term goals and the top 5 long-term goals of the same industry in China.

In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "making high-quality products and providing health services", and strive to create cost-effective products with "the best quality at the same price, and the best price at the same quality", so that medical insurance costs less, so that consumers can enjoy the best quality medical device products, and take "public health is guaranteed" as our lifelong goal, Make greater contributions to the development of medical and health undertakings and the improvement of people's health level!

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